Our Amenities

Included in your Room Rental
  • All rooms are non-smoking

  • New Serta sleeper mattresses

  • Linens and towels

  • Mini fridge

  • Microwave

  • Fan (no AC)

  • 2 extra blankets per room

  • Coffee maker in Guest Kitchen

  • WIFI on property (around lodge, not in rooms)

  • Cell phone booster on property

  • If you have an Iphone, enable WIFI calling before coming to property to make calls through internet.

  • Fire pit (bring your own wood)

  • Two propane BBQ grills for guest use on south side of Lodge

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Coin operated laundry- 1 washer and 1 dryer in Guest Kitchen

  • Two large docks

  • Picnic tables scattered around the property 

Included in Lodge/Entire Property Rental
  • All items on Room Rental List

  • Access to lodge and conference room
  • Access to commercial kitchen

  • Family Room

  • WIFI 

  • Authentic Montana Saloon bar

  • SmartTV

  • Foosball table

  • Includes Boathouse – life jackets and water toys
  • Outdoor games – volleyball, corn hole, can jam
NOT Included in your Rental
  • AC- floor fans available

  • No TV service in rooms

  • WIFI is available in and around the lodge. Wifi not available in rooms.

  • Shampoo/Conditioner 

  • Blow dryer

  • Fishing poles

  • Lake towels – Please bring your own

  • Watercraft – Bring your own- there are no rentals facilities at the lake for boats etc

Our policies

  • NO SMOKING in ANY building. Smoking must be done at least 25 fit from any building to prevent smoke from going inside open doors and windows. 
  • WLR does not provide lake towels. Bath towels are for indoor use only and may not be used at the lake. $30 charge to replace ruined towels.  
  • Please observe quiet hours from 11pm-7am
  • We appreciate removal of shoes if possible while in the rooms. 
  • Pets: Absolutely no animals or pets on the property. 
    Disregarding of this will result in the loss of deposit and a fine. 
  • Firearms: Please do not use firearms on the property.
  • 4-WHEELERS/DIRT BIKES/UTVs/ETC: Please keep all equipment outside.  Do not bring E-bikes indoors for charging.  There are exterior outlets around the outside of the lodge.  We ask that you do not ride them on Lodge property. There are awesome places to ride within minutes, please see the area map.
  • RV’s: We do not have RV hookups, but you are welcome to park in upper parking lot. Check with us ahead of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book a single room or the entire property?

A: Please see our Airbnb links. You can also email us using the Contact Us link.

Q: How do I check-in?

A: We offer self check-in! You will receive an email and/or text with your door code before check-in. Check-in time is any time after 3pm. Please try to arrive before dark in case you have unforeseen trouble.

Q: Can we check-in earlier than the standard 3:00 PM check-in time?

A: We may be able to adjust our standard times with advance notice. There are times when an earlier check-in is possible. If there is a group checking out on the same day you arrive, this is NOT possible. You must email in advance for early check-in / late check-out. Check out is 10am.

Q: Is Smoking Allowed?

A: There is NO SMOKING allowed in any building nor within 25 feet of any building. This prohibition includes all forms of smoking and vaping. Violation of this paragraph is grounds for immediate eviction or ejectment of Tenant without refund. A $500 fine will be applied for smoking inside the lodge and Hotel rooms. Smoking is allowed outside of the lodge away from any open windows or doors with proper removal of butts. If we have to clean up cigarette waste your room/group will be assessed an extra $100 cleaning fee.

Q: Are Pets Allowed?

A: Pets are only allowed outdoors at Williams Lake Resort. No animals inside the lodge or Hotel. “Service animals” are allowed without a fee with proper documentation. Please pick up after your pet 🙂 If pets are in rooms or other buildings on the property you will be fined $500. If we have to clean up after your animal you will be charged a $100 extra cleaning fee. Noisy dogs that cause disturbance to residents at the lake will not be tolerated.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: If you make a reservation through Airbnb, the cancellation policy information is available in the listing. We currently have a “Strict” cancellation policy. Cancellations made up to 30 days in advance can be allowed a refund. Cancellations within 30 days of your arrival date are non refundable. As a small resort, we depend greatly on pre-booked occupancy and need to stay as full as possible to keep our doors open. That being said, we understand that emergencies do occur and we try to do our best to err on the side of fairness and working things out. If you need to cancel or reschedule your stay please contact us as soon as possible.

Q: What is your Noise Policy?

A: At Williams Lake Resort there can be no loud music outside after 10:00 PM (music can be on but turned down between 10pm & 11pm) and absolutely no music, cheering or yelling after 11:00 PM. If this ordinance is not followed law enforcement may be called and you will be charged a $500 fee.

Q: What is stocked at the Lodge and what should we bring for our stay?

A: Individual room reservations do not have access to the interior lodge amenities. Individual rooms have a mini fridge and microwave. You will need your own eating utensils. All bedding is provided. There is hand soap, and general purpose soap\shampoo combination in each shower.
If you have booked rooms AND use of the Lodge we’ve got you covered! Our kitchen is fully stocked with plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and cookware including: microwave, crock pot, basic pots and pans, blender, toaster, coffee maker, hand mixer, mixing bowls, serving bowls, child booster chair and basic cleaning supplies.
The bedrooms all have bedding. If you need a pack-n-play please let us know so we can have it ready for you. A more specific itemized list can be emailed to guests with confirmed reservations.

Q: Do you have a BBQ grill for our use?

A: Yes. We have an outdoor gas grill, propane included.

Q: Do you have WIFI?

A: Yes. Our WIFI is strongest in and around the lodge. Password for the internet will be provided before check-in. Wifi is for communicating only and can be spotty sometimes. Once you get to your room the signals usually drop off. If you want to make phone calls there is a signal booster at the East side of the Lodge or you can make calls over WIFI, but you must “enable wifi calling” in the settings on your phone BEFORE you leave your home service area.

Q: Do you have television reception?

A: No. A Smart TV is located in the Lodge for groups with Lodge reservations. You can log in to your personal apps for streaming: Disney, Hulu, Prime, etc. You will need to use your own login information. Please LOG OUT of your apps before you leave.

Q: Do we have access to a laundry facility at the Lodge?

A: We do not currently have a laundry room for your use. It is currently under construction for the near future. Please check with us for a time-frame for completion if you think you will need use of laundry facilities.

Q: How long does it take to get to Williams Lake Resort? From Salt Lake City? Boise, ID? From Idaho Falls?

A: Williams Lake Resort is approximately 385 miles from Salt Lake City, UT and 263 miles from Boise. We are about 176 miles from Idaho Falls.

Q: What is the weather like right now at Williams Lake?

A: Easy enough, check out the Weather Forecast & Conditions

Q: Do you have a prep kitchen?

A: Yes, we have a kitchen inside the lodge that has a large double sink, lots of counter top space, refrigerators, oven, cook top, and a deep freezer.

Q: What are your clean up requirements?

A: Your help with a smooth vacate allows the next tenants to enjoy “The Property”. Often times, the next tenant begins occupancy just 5 hours after your vacating of the premises, thus the following vacate procedure is imperative to the smooth operation of our vacation rental.

  • Pick up ALL trash around the inside & outside of the buildings
  • Wash all dishes and silverware and put away
  • All furniture & decor items must be where you found them
  • Outdoor furniture must be where you found it
  • Pick up any cigarette butts
  • Replacement or repair fee for damaged furniture or decor will be charged
  • No Fireworks allowed.

If you notice any problems with the facility or damage to the facility, Email us as soon as possible at williamslakeresort@gmail.com, so we know in advance, fix the problem and do not hold you responsible!

Things to remember

  • Sunscreen

  • Lotion

  • Bug spray

  • Flashlight

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Swim suit

  • Water bottle

  • Lifejackets ( lifejackets are available for groups that rent the entire property – they are one size fits all. )
  • Stroller for easy transport of children around property

  • Bikes

  • Hiking shoes

  • Sandals

  • Wood for fire pit

  • Fishing pole

Check-In & Check Out

  • Deposit and liability consent required before day of check-in.

  • Arrive no earlier than 4pm

  • Use directions emailed to you to open room lock.

  • WIFI is included in stay and password will be given at check-in. Please do not download or stream on the Internet. It is for communicating.

  • Quiet hours are before 7am and after 11pm.


• Check out by 10am

• Place trash in outdoor garbage bin. Please make sure lid is secure.

Strip linens from bed and all towels and place in tub

Please turn off fans

Lock rooms with combo lock (upstairs)

Place keys on dresser (downstairs)

Take all food and drinks from fridge

All water rentals need put back in Boat House.

Please allow 72 hours for return of your deposit.

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